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The North American Alliance of Business Brokers is North America's largest and fastest growing business brokerage network combines creative broker solutions and quality business broker careers.


UnderDog is a community service dedicated to helping the victims of online slander. We teach the victims how to address the attacks and use them to their benefit. Managed by Scott Radin, a victim himself in 2009

Business Buyer Alliance

One of a kind business buyer networks. We assemble and manage various private business buyer networks including The Pro Players Business Network - a network consisting of 14,000 + current and former professional football players.

NAABB Marketing Academy

Our online business development service that helps business owners drastically increase their sales and cash flow. This monthly subscription includes comprehensive coaching and marketing services featured on numerous major media outlets.

About Us

A.S. Radin & Associates and owner Scott Radin have been helping business owners and buyers since 2001. We stay ahead of the curve by developing new and advanced processes to sell businesses.

A business broker is hired by business owners to sell his or her business in a confidential manner to qualified business buyers. We broker the sale of the business goodwill and assets rather than real estate. All that we ask is that you give us the opportunity by setting up a NO OBLIGATION consultation.

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