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Formed in 2001, A.S. Radin & Associates has been a pioneer in business brokering careers and services.  In 2001, we launched the first independent network of trained business brokers that was subsequently profiled in Trump University's book "Entrepreneurship 101". Since then we have done large group seminars, launched the first business broker online training program and in June 2011 the North American Alliance of Business Brokers was born.
Owner Scott Radin has been training and supporting business brokers worldwide since 2001. Many of the brokers whom he has trained now do in excess of  $1,000,000 in annual commissions and other brokers whom he has trained have been featured in Forbes, the Wall Street Journal and Business Week to name a few. Scott Radin is considered a pioneer in the business brokering field and over the years his business brokering systems have evolved with the changing business climate.


The majority of business brokers in the market are led by the greed of making a quick buck AND creating a huge financial windfall for themselves by doing - or saying - whatever they have to to generate sales. This philosophy creates a deceptive approach whereby these types of brokers will do - or say - anything to further their greed. Whether they charge high fees to list a business or they run with deposits placed as part of an offer. Whether they are real estate brokers pretending to broker businesses because real estate is down while destroying confidentiality on MLS or not properly qualifying business buyers. It could also be someone trained out of a book written when Ronald Reagan was the USA president or a franchisee trained to get the listing on the first meeting no matter what they have to say . We are slowly removing this type of greed by placing highly trained brokers in every business community.

Our brokers are trained live and fully supported in the most current "business brokering" practices and they have the common philosophy to provide ethical and moral business brokering services allowing their commission to serve as their financial reward for a job well done. They allow their service to dictate their commission not vice versa. And they do not charge retainer fees to list a business rather they get paid when the business seller does - at closing.

And in cleaning up the industry, I will be the target of more attacks. So be it, a "pioneer" is defined as being one of the first in a new area or industry - in this case a service friendly approach in business brokering - and the dark side of business brokering is not happy having their unethical and greedy "commission" driven service interrupted by our "service" driven approach.

In 2011, Owner Scott Radin had a vision. For ten years he had heard and witnessed all the negative subtext about business brokering all the while training business brokers on the proper and ethical ways to represent business owners selling their existing business. But the fact remained that the hundreds of new brokers he had trained in those ten years had to step into the wolves den and compete individually against the mega brokerages that ruled by greed and deceit.
So in 2011 Scott's solution was to create NAABB - an integrated business broker network that combines all the positives of business brokering with systems and processes that counteract the negative stigma that has riddled the industry for 20+ years before.

Our approach and philosophy has created an industry leading business broker network throughout North America  where we stress relationship building and integrity over the greed that seems so prevalent in our industry. Our brokerages are independently owned by NAABB Broker Territory Owners who also offer employee related sales agent opportunities. The Broker Territory Owners following our system can easily do in excess of $200K and sales agents can easily eclipse six figures. But it does take motivation and structure because there is nobody standing over you dictating your daily activities.

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