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Founded and Owned by Scott Radin - the Industry Pioneer Since 2001
Our newest services
New & Improved UnderDog
For Victims of Online Attacks

Owner Scott Radin and his companies continue to thrive despite being the victim of one of the Internets worst ever seen online extortion attacks between 2009 - 2011


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Cash Businesses For
For Small or Distressed Business

A new service offered by all of our brokers allowing the owners of distressed businesses to get some financial reward from their business instead of closing it.


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What is a business broker?
A business broker is a fully trained intermediary assisting business owners to sell their business in a confidential manner to qualified buyers. Not only do business brokers provide a vital service to business owners and buyers but they are also highly sought after by both sellers and buyers.


Business owners (sellers) need a business broker for 5 main reasons. ALL of these reasons begin and end in CONFIDENTIALITY. A properly trained business broker protects the confidentiality and integrity at all times

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Owner of the North American Alliance of Business Brokers known as "NAABB"


NAABB is North America's largest independent business broker network of its kind. Our brokers have completed the nation's most  comprehensive broker training program followed by our renowned support program that has prepared them in all of the most current


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