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A.S. Radin & Associates is a unique Buffalo & Rochester business broker specializing in the confidential sale of Buffalo & Rochester businesses. If you are a business seller or a business buyer then step inside and let us show you how we can help you. We believe in building relationships rather extorting pressure.

EXPERIENCE - We are not only Buffalo & Rochester business brokers but we are also the Founder and Owner of the North American Alliance of Business Brokers with over 100 locations across North America. By hiring us to represent you, you are getting the industry leader managing your project.

And we are headquartered right here in Western New York

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We want the opportunity to show you our benefits

We understand that you have choices when it comes to Buffalo & Rochester business brokers so we are going to ask that you give us a chance to present our services. We don't claim to be the biggest or the best because these monikers are generally used by firms using these general statements to cover inadequacies in their processes. No, our claim to you is that we will work diligently on every project we take on because failure is not an option for A.S. Radin & Associates .

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